5 Easy Ways To Encourage Summer Reading

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Summer. Just the smell of sunblock can bring all the images of Summer rushing in. The swimming, grilling, snow cones, watermelon, late nights and lazy mornings, and the joy of freedom from government tyranny, errr, I mean school.

And for our family, there is one more really important part of Summer - books.  We are readers all year long, but Summer kicks it up a notch......... cont. 

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Sex and Selfishness

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Why I Scooted A Little Closer

I am selfish. It’s my nature. I don’t want to share! *stamps her foot like a two year old*

All day long I share my time. Instead of reading that book calling my name, I’m folding laundry to make sure those other humans living in my house aren’t naked. Instead of napping in the afternoon, I’m playing with blocks on the floor with my baby and making sure he doesn’t swallow that stray Monopoly shoe I found in the carpet. Some days I don’t mind this at all, some days I stamp my foot.......cont.