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Monday, March 20, 2006

Future news....

So, we heard back from the Baptist convention guys. We are flying to Hammond for an interview the weekend of April 7. So, on to the next step! They have narrowed it down to us and some other guy, so it's not a "done-deal". It's so funny, after being in Canada for so long, to interview for a ministry "job" and know that someone else wants it too. I know that may not sound funny to you, but we have NEVER done things this way. This will be our first venture into adult-job finding. Wait, that sounded a bit like prostitution, I didn't mean it that way. I meant, we just have never really interviewed for a job before. And, in Canada, if there is no pastor at a church that church might be without for years because there aren't really many ministers. So, our outlook on ministry has changed enough to make it weird to be in "the running" for a job that others want. I don't know if that makes sense.

Now, John just read what I wrote and said "that makes it sound bad for us leaving Canada, saying that there are no ministers", and he is right. But we have wrestled with this. We have wrestled with "did God call us to Canada forever or for 'a time'", and we still don't really know. One thing we know is that we are open to the call of God WHEREVER it may be, and we have grown out of our high-horse that said "we won't ever go back to the Bible belt". We have had several job offerings in the states and in Canada, and the only one we have prayed through and felt the leading of God to pursue was the one in Louisiana. We have to trust God, He knows what he's doing. If he wants us to stay in this great country-we will. We just would have to have a Word from Him to do it, we will not stay here on "principle" if we feel led somewhere else. Even if it is "home" and there are people who think we are "selling out" leaving Canada. We get alot of "it will be nice for you guys to be close to home, now that Sadie's here" comments, and that's true, but that is not in any way why we are pursuing this ministry. The fact that the ministry in in Louisiana, only a few hours from home, is just icing on the cake.

So, here's my request from my blogging community -pray for us. The meeting is Friday afternoon, April 7, over lunch. We want to make sure we are "us". We don't want to try to "make them like us", we want to be real. My Dad said (joking I think) "make sure you are a good Pastor's wife" and I said, and I quote, "Crap, Dad, if they don't like me then I don't want to go there." So, he said "well, be a nice me". Does Dad think I am not a nice person? (I don't think you think that, Dad). I will be a NICE, REAL me. Just in a skirt instead of sweat pants. I'm not stupid enough to be that "real".

You can also pray for the "moving details". I am a little bit, um, flustered. Maybe ALOT flustered over the fact that we cannot make real arrangements until just weeks before we actually move. I am a planner, a "plan in advance"-er. So, this throws a kink in my anal-retentiveness.


  1. if you want to be real (i mean "for real")...you should not be wearing a skirt at that meeting. dude, go in the pajama pants or at least jeans. let them know you're all about the comfort!!

  2. i agree w/ jessica (this doesn't happen much)...let them see the "real" you. :) ha!

    we'll be praying for y'all. keep us posted!!

  3. yea! i've known for a while that john moore thought john was a great candidate, but i've kept it quiet. if you need any tips on the interview let me know. my favorite question from our interview was from a lay lady that was on the associational committee...do you sing or play any instruments? i kindly told her "no, but i can shake hands & remember names." i will definitely be praying for your interview. & seriously let me know if you need anything.

  4. so excited for y'all and will be praying for you. and megan, your answer cracked me up! about the clothing though, i don't know about the sweats. i felt the need to repent when i joined the church i've been visiting this sunday and was wearing jeans. i wear jeans to church often but had i remembered i was gonna join this sunday, i would have worn pants. guess their first impression was the REAL me!

  5. How wonderful it will be to have you all closer! Of course we want you to be right where God needs you to be - and I will pray that you all will know where that is. Love you!

  6. Real, shmeal - wear what you want - just don't use the word "crap" in your interview!

    Seriously, I will be praying for you! John Moore knows both of you and knows the real "yous." Not to worry! God is in control.

    About the move - just go ahead and start cleaning out - that doesn't hurt anyway. It's kind of like a wedding - the less time you have to prepare - the less time you have to worry/panic.

    Will you be in/near Ruston at all that week?

  7. Anonymous9:06 PM

    I must say I/we are thrilled at the idea of ya'll being closer. Not just for Sadie but for the two of you. And for the record- I didn't think you wanted to leave Canada and "come home". I've been praying that ya'll could be closer while knowing that God's will is perfect. I believe that there are many roads in life. Many are good and many are not such good ideas but God gave us free will on purpose. I believe that as long as you are seeking to please Him, you will.
    love, Carey

  8. amy I laughed so hard when I read this post. my dad just made a pw comment to me yesterday...he said "jada if you are going to be a pw you need to clean up your language..." what I said that produced this comment "that is totally freakin cool" talking about google earth which I have just discovered.

    I told Him (he is a pastor and thus my mom is a pw) "dad, nothing is wrong with my langugae and my mouth didn't change when I became a pw, and people like me b/c I am not June Cleaver and never will be'. He just laughed. so did my hubby in a BIG way--who by the way is also a John, just not with an h but JON.

    oh and guess what we (well he ) has a phone interview with a church on April 2, so like you guys we are 'cleaning' thinking if it happens we better be ready to go and if it doesn't, well, it needed to be cleaned, painted whatever.

    will be praying for you and girl be yourself (this spoken from a Sunday singing on stage bluejean, stilletto boot wearing pw--who is just herself)

    God will open and close the doors. That is what we are praying for and I will pray that for you. but I know for you and your family it will be nice to be closer:)

  9. Alright Amy and John, hoping you'll remember me. Everytime I'm over at Mrs. Kathy Nelson's house and see that picture of you guys on her fridge I ask about you. I will be praying for ya'll, He won't steer you wrong.

  10. Praying for ya'll.

  11. Why don't ya'll ever answer your dang phone? I mean why even have the thing!

  12. hey,
    i just wanted to let you know i'm praying for you guys. be yourself, that the best a pastor's wife can do, and just love them.

    jacki king

  13. Thank you, Jacki, it always helps to know someone is praying for you!


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