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Thursday, March 09, 2006


So, yesterday I decided I needed a new trash can. Where can I get a new trash can? Well, there's Walmart, the Superstore, Zellers, or........ IKEA! So, Sadie and I loaded up and spent well over two hours browsing. I came home with NO new trash can, but I made a new friend! We stopped to mutually admire each other's baby accessories (Ikea is SUCH a mom-with-baby magnet!), and got to talking and she lived near me, was new to the area, had no friends with babies, our babies are the same age, and so on and so on. She even had dogs that she took to the same park I did! I liked her, she was cool, and her husband is an acupunturist (sp?) and would be a good friend to my back........... herein lies the dilemma. You tell me...... is it right to make a new friend, a friend who NEEDS friends because she's new to the area, when I'm moving away in less than two months? When she calls me, should I buddy up, or shy away?


  1. jenschaffner1:26 PM

    amy i would make friends, i don't think that you can ever have to many. just be sure she knows that you are moving soon.

  2. i agree!...you should hang out with her! andrew has a friend coming over to play tomorrow!!... like they can really play. i think it would be good for the both of y'all. you can show her around before you leave!!

    also...i LOVE IKEA...however it's actually IN Houston and i HATE going into Houston. it's been so long since we've been. i'm jealous you go to yours so much.

  3. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Also, you could introduce her to others and give her tips about her new city.
    - Aunt Carey

  4. uhm, does this question really deserve an answer? it must be rhetorical. maybe, just maybe, it was a divine appointment. maybe, just maybe, the Lord has amazing things planned for an acupuncturist and his wife through a friendship with the schaffners. maybe, just maybe, they don't know the Lord, and you will get the privilege of introducing them. i don't know...but, what i do know is that your butt had better not be shying away. you've never done that before, and you're not about to now. graduation and exodus or not! love you...

  5. You are all right. I will make a new friend. That is, if she calls me. She may have just been "being nice". You know what's funny? When she said her hubby was an acupunturist my Baptist roots automatically made me wonder if they were "different" (I have grown up from this people, I promise, it's just knee-jerk). I'll bet when I said my husband was a Pastor, she probably thought the same thing about me!

  6. probably thought you baptize with snakes...and, she would be accurate. that's the way they do it in canada, eh?


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