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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lorri the Beautiful Bride

So, this weekend I was in Minneapolis at Lorri's wedding. I couldn't tell you guys I was going because it was a surprise to Lorri, so I hope no one thought I fell of the side of the oh-so-flat world. But now the cat is out of the bag and I can say.... . Lorri was beautiful! What a blessing to see her marry someone that seems so perfect for her. I have seen such a change in her life over the years and now she is a married woman off to start a family. Lorri, I love you. I loved sitting in the hotel room remembering the old days, you are one of those people that I can not see for years and then just pick up with as if it were yesterday. Steve (the groom), I must say, I have had a talk with Sadie about her poor attitude towards you and she told me that you were scary. hehehehehehehe.

I spent the weekend with Jessica and Stacy, and what a weekend it was. I don't think these girls would like me sharing this with you, but I will anyway, they wanted me to go, knew I couldn't afford it, so they paid. Yep, what wonderful friends. It was so nice to be around people who already knew "me" and I didn't have to try very hard. I was just me, and that was okay, and I could say "ass" and no one thought I was pagan. Well, maybe they did, but they were too. Well, maybe not Stacy.

Also part of our weekend was the s0-grown-up-and-even-more-interesting Ben Rhodes. Ben, I think John is going to wonder soon because I think I've told him atleast three times "You know, I forgot how great Ben was. Ben said....." Yeah. He's jealous. So, bloggers everywhere, we must hound Ben until he starts a blog, because I think his thoughts would be very interesting to delve into. I even think Ben thought my saying of "ass" was okay. As long as we kept it Biblical, which was easy because there are many asses in the Bible. Wait, I don't think that came out right.

Because I didn't get my camera back until after the wedding, the pictures will have to rest with Jessica and Stacy (who should be sending me a copy VERY soon....) I meant for this blog to be longer, so much more to share, but Sadie is not enjoying my ignoring. Here is one pic from Stacy for you. I love this picture.


  1. I'm so glad you went and had a fun trip! That picture of Sadie is TOO funny!! She loves kisses!!

  2. oh, what a sweet picture!! glad you're back!!

  3. My favorite part of this picture is her eyes, she totally is giving herself an "eyes closed" kiss!

  4. Jolie loves giving kisses too. The best part is she has recently learned to actually pucker & make the kissing sound! Little girls are so much fun! That picture of Sadie is precious.

  5. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Hey Amy,

    OK - I am so new and so out-of-touch with this blogging thing. No time. Oh well but I have found it a very great way to catch up. And then I started reading some of the other pages that are linked. I MISS OUR COLLEGE DAYS! Wow we had great friends -- so HI everyone who reads this. Drop me a line at krichard@latech.edu (Yeah - I am working at Tech. It is great to be back but not the same as when we were in school.) Amy I am excited about the interview. You will be great -- and real -- an issue we ALL struggle with. Believe it or not, in school we actually had entire chapters devoted to "being real." It is a huge issue that society faces -- one that as Christians we have to remember is that we are free from what the world demands and that freedom gives us the "right" to be real.

    Anyway, enough from me. Are you guys going to be through Ruston? Let me know the schedule. How is Old Blue?

    Love you and miss you!

    Kathleen (Burnum) Richard

  6. okay amy please tell me about Minn. what did you think?

    I have reasons I need to know about it:):):)

    COuld a Southern-gal survive there long-term....I have heard winters are brutal...

    just wondering....if you get a chance could you seriously email me your first impression or impressions in general...mezzogirl@hotmail.com

    muchas gracias:)

    great pic btw. Hey how old is Sadie? my little girl Jamison Briley is 13 mths and JUST got her FIRST tooth...go figure;)

  7. i'm sure lorri was happy to have you there! post a pic of the bride when you get one!!

  8. jada,
    for what it's worth, i loved minneapolis. of course, we were there in march, when the winter is dying down. and, we were in a major city. but, i could definitely live in minneapolis/st. paul. just my two cents.

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  10. Ah, John being jealous of Ben. I'd like a picture of that. He's probably like, "Ben who?" But even more than the picture, I wish he would have been able to come along.

    I'm not sure what I think about my description in this post - It's the new and improved Ben! Now more grown up! And interesting!

    In any case, good luck with the road trip back to LA. Remember, Minneapolis is on the way...

  11. grown up and MORE interesting, I meant you were already interesting but now MORE.


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