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Monday, March 06, 2006

Read to the End, I say something about Angelina!

Goodbye Sunday. You've been good to me today and I'm a bit sad to see you go. Atleast, I must be because I can't go to sleep and wake up to Monday. Not for lack of trying. I drank tea, I read in bed, I even put on the lotion that usually messes up my eyes so much that I have to go straight to sleep. It's this dang stomach-ache. I think I got food poisening yesterday at a Chinese restaurant. I spent a few hours yesterday wishing I would die, and then today it's just lingering.... come on Sunday, make it go away. Honestly, if there weren't reasons that I KNOW it couldn't be true, I'd think I were pregnant. But no, not yet, please Lord not yet. I love Sadie, but I'm NOT READY for another one! I've still got 14 pounds to go! Yes, 14, for all you girls out there with babies the same age that have 1 or 2 or NONE, good for you, I'm happy for you and hate you all at the same time. There, I said it, there is a part of me who hates you. I will pray about that.

Sunday was good to us. Today John preached at a church in the city for "Seminary Day". Seminary students speak at churches to promote the seminary yada yada yada..... But, I have to say, John was different today. He was nervous about preaching because he wasn't sure if he was ready yet. He's been really intentional about spending more time with God in the last month or so and it's been very interesting to be around to see someone go through brokeness and repentence on such an intimate level. I honestly can't figure out how to describe the way I felt today when he was preaching. He was not the same man. He was different and it was GOOD. He was humble and yet fiery as always. I cried through most of it, and at the response time I just sat there with a silly grin and tried not to run my mascara (I know, shallow). Everyone else is praying/singing/repenting/whatever, I'm just grinning like a silly person. Anyway, I don't think that adequately described Sunday, but I want you to know that God is really working on John. Dr. Peacock (our prof who goes there and asked John to preach) said it right, there is a difference between a sermon and a Word from God, and today we heard a Word from God. I think John would agree that he's been giving alot of "sermons" recently.

I haven't blogged in a while. I'm really not sure why except I'm trying harder to exercise more, and usually when I blog is when she's napping and now I'm trying to exercise then. Did that sentence make sense? Honestly, I used to be able to speak English properly.

Four things from today that made me happy:
1. John
2. The old man at church with the shirt/tie/sportcoat and the Fire-engine-red pants
3. The man dressed as superman standing on the corner of the street.
4. A birthday party for our friend John (he turned 12) and getting to hang out with his amazing family.

There you go. Sometimes I make lists like this in my head. Does that make me crazy? If that's crazy, then call me Angelina cause these lists make me happy.

Okay, now this blog is just getting out of hand. I mean, really, did you care about the man dressed as Superman? I don't think so. But you know what? It's MY blog. That's right, mine. I don't have many things I can call MINE anymore, so this will be the one place I have that I can call MINE and say things like "I hate people who lose baby weight quickly" and "I like the Superman guy" and "I think Angelina is a nut". yeah.


  1. are too funny! i hate those people who pop out babies and go back to their normal clothes! i'm not praying about it either b/c i think it's only fair not to like them!!! :) i still have a few pounds to go. i was doing pretty good, but blew it this weekend w/ company in! good luck knocking off the last few pounds!!

  2. Anonymous9:06 PM

    I like your blog, no matter what crazy stuff you choose to talk about on YOUR blog. Lately I've been craving a word from you so I'm glad to see a new post. love, Carey (Warren's wife for those reading)

  3. I would have loved to hear John's sermon, too. There truly is a difference when God has done a work in your life and when you are just preaching/teaching from having studied the material. I pray that work will continue. Thanks for sharing it so clearly. We love ya'll!

  4. Amy, I LOVE to make lists too. I used to get so bored in some of my Tech classes that I would make a list of lists I should make. :)

  5. jenschaffner2:18 PM

    Amy i love reading your blog. you have a great talent for writing and it is inspiring me to start my own blog. i doubt i will but it would be interesting.
    take care,
    love jen(mother of Jude and wife of Joe)

  6. Amy, I've also been enjoying reading your blog. You are crazy girl, but when you and John start wearing vials of each other's blood around your necks, then I'll really worry (that's an Angelina reference in case you were wondering). I've been keeping you and John in my prayers!

  7. Jen, start one! I'd LOVE to read your blog! You and Joe are the two coolest people I know and I would love to read what's in your head!


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