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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Church skipper

Yep, two weeks in a row. But before you label me "pagan", know this: last week I was with Jessica and Stacy, and even though I cried and begged they said "No, we will not go to the Lord's house this morning, we will instead worship the god of shopping". This week I have a very painful Kidney infection. It feels like someone really strong has a grip on my kidney's and is squeezing the life out of me. Because of this I can't pick Sadie up much and the church John is preaching at this morning has no nursery so I would be the sole Sadie-holder. Wouldn't work today so we made a family decision to stay home and watch Schuller on TV. In a way this is good because I miss church. It's been a while since I missed church. And, John preached last week while I was shopping and this week I'm missing it again. I like to hear John preach, and I like being there to support him. But, oh well.

So, here is an interesting question I heard on the morning news: What song would be played in the musical of your life? I thought this could start an interesting thread of comments, so comment away! I thought of "Jenny from the Block" and "Black Sweat", but I don't know that that would accurately sum up my life. So, I will ponder this and get back to you with my answers.

Benjamin says that blogs are useless without pics, so I figured "why not Unicorn Love"


  1. "This One's for the Girls" by Martina Mc Bride

    and then if i must be 'spiritual' (HEEHEE) I suppose, "That's the Way It Is With Love" by Natalie Grant.

  2. lorri4:10 PM

    amazing grace to sum up my life. i am currently really liking roxette, listen to your heart though so i have to through that one in too. I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU WERE AT THE WEDDING. What awesome friends we have (stacy and jessica) that enabled you to come.

  3. What a good question! For me, at least right now, it would be "A Message" by Coldplay.

    As far as pictures, that only appies to my own drivel, not yours. You can exclude pics to your hearts content. I'll still read it.

  4. the pussycat dolls "don't cha" comes to mind (had to think of one equal to the black sweat you offered up)...or i also like natasha bedingfield's "unwritten". all kidding aside i would choose "your grace is enough" or bebo norman's "nothing without you"

  5. one of the greatest things about BCM work is that you have the option of being a church skipper :) we make it a priority to be there every sunday so we can be a good example for our students, but if we want to go out of town we can always hit the road! i'm praying for your interview this week.


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