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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Video of the Park

I know I have now blogged twice in one day, which could classify me as a blog-o-holic, but remember.... I'm sick and have nothing else to do. So, the few minutes I got out today we went to the little park out our back fence and Sadie had a blast. Our camera, which we are very thankful for because someone gave it to us, takes terrible videos, no sound and a bit grainy. I was even reminded a bit of the "Charlie Chaplin" era when I watched it, but thought it was cute and wanted to share.

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  1. That is great! Hunter loves to swing too. I love the way Sadie kept looking at you when John encouraged her. It looked like she was saying "Mama!"

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  3. I took Jolie to the park today & put her in the swing & she was not a fan! We took her to the park a little before her first birthday & she didn't enjoy the swings then either, but we thought she might just be too young. I guess we were wrong. Maybe she'll learn to enjoy swinging one day.

  4. Amy, that was cutest little video ever, accept the videos of my niece, but still cute. Wishing you two the best on the interview!


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