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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Farewell to Biscuit

As the title implies, Biscuit has passed on. This weekend she tried to escape from the back of John's truck while still tied down in it. She rests in the backyard of my dear friend Kathleen. She was loved...terrible, but loved. Sadie looks around and says "Bee-kee?" and I am not used to the house being so quiet, the lack of "BISCUIT NOOO!". John has been instructed to never EVER get me another dog. Boudreaux is IT until he dies of a ripe OLD age. I told someone that I will see her again because she is in "doggie heaven", to which John replied "if there is a doggie heaven, then that would mean there is a doggie hell....." Yes, that made me feel better, John.

So many people have been trying to contact us lately, and I want you all to know that I have received your emails and I will definately get to back to you soon (Sorry Don and Amy! You've been trying so long!) I will not give the "life has gone crazy" excuse again. Oh wait, did I just do it?

On a lighter note, today I had a wonderful surprise. While walking to the BCM for the orientation lunch someone whistled at me. My first reaction was "Who the #&%$ would whistle at a pregnant woman?" and then I turned and saw Aubry!!! He was on his way to Destin and stopped for a few minutes to say hello! What a wonderful surprise, we needed to hear someone was thinking and praying for us. ALthough I must say that this blog reminds me of that often. You guys are a wonderful support and I thank you for your prayers! I loved the song lyrics in the comments for the last one, don't you love the way God speaks through music? Thank you for the encouragement and keep the prayers coming. I'll keep updateing when I can!


  1. we should have coordinated trips with aubry. destin is right near rosemary beach. that would have been so fun!

  2. dog lover6:33 PM

    so sorry to hear about your dog. i'm sad for you :(

  3. lorri9:50 PM

    so sorry about dear biscuits passing.

  4. i am SO sorry. if you need some beagle time, come see us- bailey and roscoe would love to see you!

  5. aww. so sorry to hear about biscut.

  6. what's the latest with the house? we are praying for you & john.

  7. Jessica told us about Biscuit and it made me so sad. I wish I could go to the beach with you girls. I debated coming, but don't think it will work out. Have fun! I know you need a break. You and Jon are in our prayers.


  8. Anonymous1:21 AM

    Hi Amy,
    Sorry to hear about buscuit I know if it was one of our dogs I be very sad also.I keep you in my prayers.I hope you get your house that sounds good there for you guys.Give Sadie and yourself a big hug from me.Once you have a phone please call and let us know your new phone ##.
    God bless for now.
    Amy Moore

  9. Sorry to hear about Biscuit. I know it must be hard knowing the way he went, but if you are anything like Melissa and me, you're a little relieved that the mischievious beagle is gone. But then you feel bad that you're glad he's gone - and you end up in a loop.

    Hope things are going well. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

  10. OH Ben! That's EXACTLY how I feel about Biscuit! I loved her, but life is so much easier now, and I feel so guilty for thinking that way...

  11. OH Ben! That's EXACTLY how I feel about Biscuit! I loved her, but life is so much easier now, and I feel so guilty for thinking that way...

  12. Hola Amy, John and Sadie!!!
    We miss you guys so much there are not words to describe.......We do hope you come back to Calgary one day to visit...You and your family changed us forever, and we will never forget you all....
    God bless you always and keep you safe from hurricanes....
    Luv from Julie, Israel, CC, Doug, Johnny and Angel.....


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