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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Need your Help

Okay, as much as I did not want to rely on friends and family to get a start in this business, it seems I am going to "sort-of" do it anyway. I'm hosting my own "Grand Opening" at my house next Tuesday. It's a Grand Opening, but also a "meet the neighbors" thing that we've meant to do since we moved here. I know of several that will come for sure, and hopefully a few more that I don't know about. Here's where you, my blogging community, come in. I've set up and e-show that will combine with the grand opening so that all the sales will go into one pot for the free books. I've set myself up as the "hostess" of this e-show/grand opening so that the free books will go to me to add to my display. So, if you want to throw a little support for this new business effort my way, go shop at my e-show! Go to my website, and look on the right hand side for "current e-shows" there will be one listed under my name. Anything you contribute helps me grow my business display, which is important because I am mostly starting with Book Fairs! I have booked my first two, and tomorrow expect to have three! I meet with two more preschools on Thursday morning who are already sounding excited about it, so I will (prayerfully) have five book fairs in the first three months! Those, plus a few home presentations, which will hopefully end in more home presentations, and I'm off to a good start!

I started this with the prayer that I would be able to work this business without having to do the things I do not like to do. I don't want to make friends and family feel like they have to participate in it (unless the want to, of course), and I don't want to push my business on people. Case in point: I went to a birthday party for Sadie's little friend last week. There were two teachers there, two stay at home mom's (one thinking of homeschooling) and a pastor's wife. For some this would have been a PERFECT opportunity to promote the business (or even recruit.....), but I did not feel it was an appropriate time for me to bring it up. That's just NOT the way I want to do it. I feel like God led me to this, and I feel like if I work hard HE will increase it.

So, Sunday morning after church we went out to eat with a couple of families and I was seated next to the sweetest lady named Kathy (are ALL Kathy's wonderful?). After about an hour of talking (which doesn't happen much in my life anymore), she asked me what I do. I didn't want to turn a Sunday afternoon lunch with a new friend into a business push, so I was VERY stand-offish about it. But she kept asking question after question. Then she asked me if I had a catalog on me, she is an art teacher in a Magnet school in New Orleans. She literally said "Please can you come do something like this with my school!" I hope this is a jumping off point for something there, but even if it turns into nothing I felt like it was God saying "see, just trust me".

But here is my second request of my blogging community. Pray for me. The starting of a business takes ALOT of time. The whole point of this for me is to do it outside of family time, and I have found myself letting Sadie watch a little too much TV recently......I know that the first year will be hard, and I plan to stick it out, but I need prayer. I need prayer to be successful in this without having to compromise my ideas about how to do it (like I was talking about it above). So, my requests are this:

If you don't want to surf the entire website just looking for stuff, tell me what your kids/neices/nephews/whoever are interested in and I can recommend something. Thanks guys! And Beef, I didn't forget my promise. I love your idea about "The Rabbit Hole" and plan to use it after I've learned the ropes. That means you can pick whatever book you want. If you don't have any kids to buy from, I honestly think there are a few things you might like yourself!


  1. beefamus bookstorasaurus11:30 AM

    I'll ponder my free book.

    "Magnet school in New Orleans" - magnet just doesn't mean what it used to.

  2. i love usborne. i've been buying at book fairs at MDO for 4 years now. i'm happy to throw some business your way!! i'll be there! :)

  3. GREAT! Just don't forget when you get on the website that you click my name under e-show before you start shopping so it will be attributed to that show! You're my hero, Michelle!

  4. i went shopping last night in your e-store. do i need to wait until the day of your open house to check-out? help a sista, i'm confused.

  5. NO! You can shop any time you want on the e-show, as long as you do it under the e-show on the right side, when the "show" is over, I will combine the two. It's actually better for you, because as soon as you buy it, it will ship to you. If you were actually at the party you would have to wait until I got it and then delivered it! thanks for the business!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous3:06 PM

    you remember that carey and i will be at your house monday evening right? if that is a problem let us know and we will pick up sadie and jack and go to a motel. heheheheheh

    your favorite brother,



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