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Sunday, February 12, 2012

What's Your Story?

I'm a little stuck today.  It could be the fever, the too much lying around, the house that LOOKS like Mommy is sick and doing nothing, or it could just be a block in my brain.  I feel like I'm in neutral.  My motor is running (i.e. I'm looking around and seeing all that needs to be done...), but I'm not going anywhere.  This is when I say another "thank you" to the FATHER for what we call in this house - The Big Brown Chair.  My present residence.

BUT, it does give me ample to time to study, read and muddle through the Bible study I'm teaching tomorrow night.  It's called....drum roll please.....

Don't get too excited....you can't buy this at Lifeway, I made it up!  HA.  I don't know why I found that funny.

I'm taking a group of college girls through a study of the women of the Bible.  We're coming from a perspective of "story".  I'm fascinated with "story".  I have been since reading the book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller about a year ago.  It's a book worth spending what little free time you have reading (and it's a quick read, as evidenced by the fact that I actually read it while hanging out at Barnes and Noble)  I immersed myself in this idea of story for so long that I'm sure my husband wanted to slap Donald Miller.  On a side note, I found this VIDEO when researching for last week's Bible study and found it thought provoking.  It's a Ted talk about "story" from Chris Seay.  

 I plan to immerse myself in it once again when I receive my signed copy that my dear friend Jessica over at SingleRoots is holding hostage.  I was a little green with envy when she got to have dinner with Donald Miller, but felt a little better when she told me she had a present.   Moving on....

The whole Bible is stories.  Correction: The Bible is A story.  Front to back it is a story of God's love for His people and his redemption of them.  There are hundreds of smaller stories in that ONE larger one, and all were placed there to teach us.  

If I want to know how to be the woman God has designed me to be, If I want to teach these young ladies how to be the woman God has designed THEM to be, why wouldn't we dive into the stories God has given us right there in His word?  

God's women, right there in the pages, waiting to tell us their story.

So, last week was our introduction and we talked about the difference between these two questions:

1.  Who are you?
2.  What's your story?

If you ask me who I am - I will give you facts.  My name is Amy, I'm married to John, I am the mother of Sadie and Jack, housewife, homeschooler, church member, and on and on.

Would you then KNOW me?  I think not.  You wouldn't know my story.

If you ask me my story, then we would grow deeper in relationship.  If you knew about the (former) abusive relationship, the loneliness, the miscarriage, the infertility, the anger and bitterness, the panic disorder, the medications, the family history of depression that killed my grandmother and separated me from my mother for the first few years of my life - If  I told you this story, friendship would grow.  Intimacy would grow.  Relationship and community would grow.  

You would know me.  

This is what I want to do with the Biblical women.  I want to know their story.  I want to dive deep and learn who they are, what they felt, how they lived and who they loved.  I want them to come alive in the room as if we could hug them and thank them.  

I loved this quote I found from Eugene Peterson,   

Stories are the most prominent biblical way of helping us see ourselves in “the God story,” which always gets around to the story of God making and saving us. Stories, in contrast to abstract statements of truth, tease us into becoming participants in what is being said. We find ourselves involved in the action. We may start as spectators or critics, but if the story is good (and the biblical stories are very good!), we find ourselves no longer just listening to but inhabiting the story.”

Becoming participants in what is being said....
Involved in the action....
No longer listening to but inhabiting the story....

Lord, help us find our story in theirs.

So, I plug away at inhabiting the story of Eve.  I can literally say "feverishly" studying the story of Eve.  I don't think you can start a biblical womanhood study without studying the first Biblical woman!  I'm sure next week you'll hear all about it (like it or not, sorry).  

Happy Sunday!


  1. Your friend, Jessica, over at SingleRoots was going to bring you your signed copy of AMMIATY, but you wouldn't meet her in Little Rock. How's that for "story"? (She's inciting conflict in her own with this comment.)

  2. Robyn Miller9:47 AM

    I love this post and your Bible study idea. The homeless teens that I work with are asked to tell their stories often. I like asking them to do it so that they can see as they write it on paper how far they've come.

  3. I love your post! I can feel your excitement for God's word! I'm sure the women at your study will be richly blessed by your leadership.
    We all have a story. This is a fantastic topic. Stopping by from the HOP. :)

  4. Women's stories - we all love to share them, we all love to hear them. I think that part of why the novels of Francine Rivers are so popular - they are a way to dig a little deeper into the stories of the women mentioned so briefly in the Bible.

  5. i think it's "in us" to share our stories :) wonderful to mentor the college girls- great ministry!


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