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Thursday, October 03, 2013


As I lay on a beautiful patchwork quilt in the grass, watching my children play on the play structure, I am overcome with the fact that I love beauty.

Why did I think of this?  The play structure my kids were on had no shade because there were no trees, behind them was the highway frontage road and I was under one of the very few trees that provided enough shade for a blanket.

I never realized how much I longed for beautiful surroundings until I moved to West Texas.  I genuinely didn't think it would bother me, the flatness, dust, and tree-less-ness.  But.... it does. I find myself looking with longing at other people's pictures on Facebook.  One friend just spent three weeks in France, one friend is on an island vacation, and another one just moved to Alaska.  I never realized how much envy I could have until I moved here and this began.

We moved from North Arkansas where the beauty of the natural surroundings never occurred to me.  It was just home.  How is it that we look over the things right in front of us all the time? 

I found myself today on that patchwork quilt asking God for just one beautiful place.  Just one that I could go and be with Him.   I never realized how much nature was a part of my worship until now.

I have no doubt that I will fall in love with this place - God moved us here.  I must give myself grace and remember we've only lived here for four months!  But in the in-between time....maybe just one walking path with trees and nature...? 

What are you taking for granted that is right in front of you?

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