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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Confessions of a Homeschooler

So, I have a confession to make.  We have not truly "homeschooled" in over a month.  Well, maybe over a month and a half.  I called us "unschoolers" for the last 6 weeks in an effort to relieve my guilt.  Don't judge me.

Between a 5 week jaunt with a 2 year old in our house every day, holidays, visitors, and sicknesses our lives turned into "Someone, for goodness sake, read a book today!"  My children are fine, but of course in my head they are regressing to the thought patterns of a 2 year old and could probably not add 2 and 2. 

So, we restart this week.  I am NOT at all there yet.  Yesterday I knew I needed to buckle down and do some organizing and scheduling so that when we start there would be a plan in place.  My neighbor invited my kids to a movie and Chuck E Cheese (read: hell), so it was the perfect time for me to have 4-5 hours of time to myself to get it all done.

I called a friend and chatted about nothing for an hour.

I stared at my books for about 20 minutes and then ended up in the never ending world of Pinterest.

I may have thrown a few things.

But I got it done.  And I was reminded.  Reminded of WHY we homeschool.  It's not about academics. Our family doesn't do this so that our children will excel beyond everyone else and get into Harvard when they are 12.  

We do this for character training.  We do this because my daughter has a major attitude/obedience problem right now and how would I be able to work on this with her and teach her what God wants of her if I only have a few hours a day with her that are taken up with homework and dinner?  We do it so that the values and attitudes that influence them the most are the ones they see in us, not the ones they see in their fellow class of 8 year olds. 

So, after all the planning and folder stuffing and printing, I was reminded by God that above all those other things teaching them about HIM is most important, and I had let that slip in an effort to get the checklist done. 

We refocus and restart this week.  New Year, new homeschool.  Now, if only we can get through math with no tears......


  1. Popping over from better writer. I'm a long time home educator, married to a homeschool grad. I volunteer for our state homeschool organization and talk to many people who lock themselves into the "school box" It pains me to watch parents (especially of young children) lock themselves in that box because they've got to "do school." I'm refreshed by your post. You've GOT it! It's not all about the academics, they will come. It's about building relationships and that's what you're doing, relationships! So much more productive and fun that academics. Have a wonderful day! Christine

    1. Thank you Christine! Most days I know this, but there are those days when I really struggle with it and need encouragement. This was one of those days, so thank you so much!!!!

  2. lol! I always start off really strong in September but somewhere between Columbus Day and Thanksgiving we turn into Unschoolers. Now that the year is new and fresh we're almost back into the swing of things. I even have lesson plans through the end of March - just gotta tweak it a bit more. Maybe we'll get one week of full schooling before the month is over. I like to say I'm an UNDER achieving homeschooler. :) Thanks for sharing via Family Fun Friday.


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