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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Laundry and Lent

I'm standing in the laundry aisle at my least favorite place in the world - Walmart - staring at the sorters for about the 80th time.  I really want that laundry sorter, but I have not been able to justify in my mind buying one because I seem to own more laundry baskets than anyone should be allowed.  But....I really want one.

I want the organized simplistic look of the sorter.  There is such a huge difference between a pile of dirty laundry in random baskets on the laundry room floor and a nice clean laundry sorter.  With the baskets I keep the door closed at all times because I can't stand the messy look, with the sorter I know I would proudly leave the door open to display my organized glory.

I bought the sorter.  I did.  But do you know why?  I bought it because today is the first day of Lent and I knew that my decisions for Lent would affect my ability to buy that sorter any time in the next 40 days.  40 more days of unorganized laundry seemed like a lifetime.  (I'm aware I may need help).  I love it, but I felt guilty.

Through several books I've been reading and my general unease about our lifestyle of excess I have been looking around my house lately and just seeing stuff.  Too much stuff.  Now, I really don't think others would walk in our home and think we are excessive, but my heart says we are.  I have been praying about what direction I should go for Lent this season and after no definite "answer" I realized that the answer had been in my heart all along.

Get rid of the stuff.

I will subtract something every day.  Not put it in a corner for a yard sale, get rid of it.  I'll either give something to someone who needs it or donate to a charity I believe in, but either way it's going OUT of my home.  Intentionally loosening my grip on the material things that honestly in the end mean nothing.  I intend to clean out closets and such, but I also intend to purposefully get rid of things I like.  It would be too easy to only get rid of the junk.

Intentionally NOT adding any more stuff will be part of it as well.  Thus the buying of the laundry sorter before Lent began.  You see now my guilty feeling.

Lent is also a time where I try to dig more into the Word than I normally do.  It is meant to be a time of focusing on the Lord and what He did for us at Easter, and my soul needs that focus.  I will be following the Common Book of Prayer's Lenten Daily Scripture Reading.  Something about studying the same passages as thousands of other believer's makes my heart happy.  If you're looking for a Bible reading plan for this season feel free to jump in - here's the link.

I'm sure there will be many lessons learned along the way, as well as a few tears shed, but I'm so looking forward to focused time with Jesus.  Maybe this would be a good time for you to focus on Him as well?  There is no better time than the lead up to the cross.  Without the cross we would have no hope.This is a truth that demands to be thought through, studied, and prayed through.

Why not now?

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  1. We're doing Lent as a family this year for the first time. I blogged about it today. We're giving up ingratitude. I'm fully expecting a holy change in attitude at our house.

  2. Ingratitude, that's a great idea! My whole family needs that as well!


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